Guide on how to write a research paper

Guide on how to write a research paper: Academic Rules There is a common saying that a research paper is not simply written, but a huge chunk of work is done in research and writing itself. There are no set formulas how to write a good research paper, but we can offer you special research paper writing guidelines that you should follow to succeed.

What is a research paper?

When you are studying at higher levels of schooling such as college or universities, you may be asked to write research papers. A research paper might be used for identifying and exploring technical, scientific and social science issues. Some students write a research paper for the first time, they may worry too much and make pointless mistakes. However, with clarity in mind, the focus and good organization of the research paper, you can simplify the process. Staying active is what you need because the paper will not write itself on its own, but you can prepare well and plan it so that you will be able to write it without any issues. And we will help you do that.

There are several basic suggestions and tips that we are willing to give you.

  1. Don’t wait – Stay Active

Here is a typical plan for writing a research paper. First, find an idea that is worth sharing. Second, start writing the paper. Third, use the paper as a forcing function to make you do the research. It also provides you with a good way of communication with other people. If you didn’t know, research is all about communication. Writing papers has a primary mechanism for doing a research. At this poing, remember avoid the reporting type of writing. What the researchers do? They simply start writing: they start and write a paper about any kind of idea. No matter how insignificant or trivial it may seem.

  1. Identify your idea

The business of writing a research paper is to convey the selected idea and the supporting research to your readers. The greatest ideas are literally worthless if you keep them to yourself. The paper is not a mechanism for getting a promotion. It’s a mechanism for conveying ideas from one person to another.. When you write a paper, at the end (at least by the time it is finished), you must know what is the main idea that your research paper conveys. Expressing a good idea in your paper is to say explicitly that you got it.. Be completely upfront about this, yet stay focused with one topic in your research.

  1. Tell a story

Imagine that you are explaining or telling a story to the whole class:
Here is a problem (you want to motivate your reader).
It’s an interesting problem because … (it would be worth solving otherwise it stays unsolved).

It’s an unsolved problem because … – include supportive facts.

Here is my idea.

My idea works (details, data).

Here’s how my idea compares to other people’s ideas, approaches, experiences, facts, etc.

If you want to be, do the same thing in the paper. Your major goal is for the reader to embrace the new materials and be thankful for it. Moreover, every bit they read they want to read it more. In the introduction, it might be one page, describe the problem briefly and articulate what your contributions are. We would suggest you introduce a problem with supportive example. When stating a problem, we think it’s helpful to stay away from being too ambitious. It’s worth writing a first draft early. Then you have enough time to rewrite it.

  1. State your contributions

Make a bullet list of contributions. Your introduction makes certain claims. There should be evidence to support each claim is provided in the body of the paper. Each claim should be pre-written in the introduction, and you should identify the evidence, including forward-referencing. The ‘evidence’ can be case studies, measurements, analysis and comparison. It must be something to make the reader believe the ideas and facts.

The introduction doesn’t have enough space to say very much about your idea. Don’t try to present the idea on page one. Contributions should be refutable.

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  1. Related work done later on

Everything we do builds on materials that people have done before or have already accomplished. But what actually happens in practice? In practice, related work is a kind of a barrier between your reader and your idea. If you assume that they already know quite a lot of selected research topic, try to make it short.  You have introduced your idea, so it’s very difficult to do any comparison here. Our advice is to leave it till the end. Incidentally, as you’ve gone through the paper, you’ve referred to related works.

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